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Olech International was a Polish delivery company which also distributed videotapes around the country.

1st Logo (Early 1990s)

OLECH International (1990s).png

Nickname: "The Sega CD Of Poland"

Logo: On a swirling star background, we see the parts of the red LED-styled word "OLECH" zoom in one-by-one and form it. The logo flashes for a split-second while zooming out a little. The Earth appears at the center and zooms behind the text. "INTERNATIONAL" then zooms out from the left letter-by-letter, and rotate in vertical direction after. The "INTERNATIONAL" text then swirls around the company name as it flips to "TV AUDIO VIDEO HI-FI COMPUTER" in two lines, and the words flash one-by-one. The INTERNATIONAL text places below the text as it blinks into "OLECH", and the other word swirls again into it, as it flips into the two other words "IMPORT" & "EXPORT", which move around and then zoom away. The white word flies up as "SPEDITION" zooms in letter-by-letter from the Earth, and a white truck with the logo in the trailer appears, stops, and then goes away. The whole thing pixelates into a drawing of the map of Poland (in green) along with the other parts of Europe, with the roads represented by moving lines. "ŚWIECKO" and "OLSZYNA" zoom in at the left, and a squared picture of a rural road with black-red-yellow German and white-red Polish border markers also zooms in after. A blue truck moves in and crosses the border. The square zooms out and flips into a blue color with Polish text about issuing customs declarations at border crossings in Świecko and Olszyna and the same two words from before at the bottom. The whole screen transitions into the Olech International logo on a white background and the words flip and turn transparent as the map changes into a port with a big ship. A white Olech dual-trailer truck comes in and drops some boxes. "SPEDYCJA MORSKA" in two lines and textured in a drawing of the sea move in from the ocean, and the Olech logo from one of the trailers zooms in as it takes over the screen. A shadow appears behind the text as "OLECH" shines and flashes.

FX/SFX: The whole animation, which was probably done in an Amiga computer.

Music/Sounds: A snippet of "Rockit" by Herbie Hancock.

Availability: Ultra rare. Seen on videotapes distributed around Poland by Olech, those are hard to find nowadays.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo (Mid 1990's)

OLECH International (1980s).jpg

Nickname: "Olech in Space"

Logo: On a space background, a ring, made of "HOME VIDEO" in 2 different arcs with a 3-D look to them as well as having 2 snowflake shapes in between them, zooms out and rotates into place. It shines a little bit before "OLECH" in the same font as before fly in and spin into place, as 4 halves of a circle fold in, with "INTERNATIONAL" below "OLECH". The final result resembles the print logo.

FX/SFX: The ring spinning, the letters flying into place, the circle folding in. Not as impressive or long as the previous logo, but it doesn't have much into view.

Music/Sounds: An orchestral burst is heard along with an ascending xylophone theme. This is followed by an orchestral fanfare.

Availability: Same as before.

Editor's Note: None.

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