Opal Film & Video Distributor Company (Poland)

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Logo: On a black background or a blue background with multiple rows of the embossed text "OPAL POLAND", 2 silver circle swirl around the screen and merge in the center, in which 2 pairs of diagonal lines spin up and enlarge to meet up in the circle. The logo then spins twice before flipping to a line and emerging as a smaller version without a ball in the middle. The text "OPAL", in a blue font with moving lines in it and the grey text "FILM & VIDEO DISTRIBUTOR COMPANY" wipe in above and below the logo respectively. The bottom text then wipes to a address and phone number, and then finally turning to the text "Wszelkie prawa autora i producenta ZASTRZEZONE!" in a more brushstroke-like font, which translates to "All rights reserved by the author and manufacturer RESERVED!" All the text have a white drop shadow.

FX/SFX: Pretty cheap animation, but during the time and place it was in, it's not that bad despite being very choppy. The spinning is obviously looped, though.

Music/Sounds: A Moog synthesizer fanfare is heard at the beginning, followed by a more modern synthesizer theme.

Availability: Extremely rare. Seen on VHS released from them, mostly pornography.

Editor's Note: None.

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