Paramount Players

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Logo description by BoyOnTheMoon

Video captures by Pepsi9072 and Logo Archive Premiere


Paramount Players is a division of Paramount Pictures founded in 2017 by studio CEO Jim Gianopulos, specializing in films based on "contemporary properties". They are currently developing film adaptations of Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Rugrats with Nickelodeon Movies.

(November 2, 2018-)

Logo: It's nearly the same as the 2012 Paramount Pictures logo, but at the end the stars and text encircle the mountain peak higher than usual and all turn metallic. As this happens, the background turns dark gradient blue and the abstract mountain design from the 1968 print logo appears again as the world "PLAYERS" fades in between the tip of the mountain and "Paramount".

Variant: The logo was slightly reanimated in 2020. In this version, the abstract mountain draws itself in subtly instead of simply fading in, and the shine on the left corner of the "P" in "Paramount" fades in quicker and also fades out

FX/SFX: This is pretty much a modified version of the 2012 Paramount logo, with influence from the 1975 logo.

Music/Sounds: The same Michael Giacchino fanfare as the 2012 Paramount logo. Sounds of whooshes when the stars fly by the camera are added, as well as water sounds when the stars skim across the lake.

Availability: Current. Seen so far on Nobody's Fool, What Men Want, Dora and the Lost City of Gold, and Playing With Fire. It is expected to appear on future films from the division.

Editor's Note: This is a neat callback to the 1975 logo, which also featured a realistic mountain turning into an abstract version.