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Pearson Television was created in 1996 after Pearson plc. (a British-based media/educational conglomerate) renamed the former All American Television under the behest of its founder/CEO Ian Pearson. When Pearson plc. sold Pearson Television to CLT-UFA in 2000, the companies merged to form the RTL Group and by renaming Pearson Television to its new media conglomerate name; "FremantleMedia" (now Fremantle).

(1997-May 2002)

Nickname: "The Shining Arc", "CGI Earth"

Logo: We see a white screen, which condenses into a lens flare which curves along a green planet (Earth) on a light blue background. The word "PEARSON" zooms out, the background turns navy blue, and the planet shrinks into a small arc. "PEARSON" settles itself above the arc, and a streak below the arc brings forth either "TELEVISION" or "TELEVISION INTERNATIONAL". As the lens flare moves, it shines brightly, then towards the left, it shines again and turns into a star.


  • "Distributed By" may appear on either the normal or international variants if Pearson was distributing the program.
  • There is also a still-shot version of this logo.
  • Another variation has the byline "What the World is Watching" fading in on all television international versions. A still version exist with (Distributed By) on Neighbours, Jack the Ripper (pre-2002 print DVD) and Mr. Bean (Live Action Series) (DVD released before 2002) (later uses FremantleMedia still version with Distributed By).
  • A version exist with A Pearson Television Production on it.
  • In some shows, the logo is fast motioned.
  • There was a "Produced and Distributed By" variant that can be seen on several TV movies.
  • On Dale's Supermarket Sweep, the logo read "PEARSON TELEVISION and CARLTON CO-PRODUCTION" with "CARLTON" in its corporate font.
  • On El Precio Justo (TPIR in Spain), the logo animates in a box, next to the animated TVE logo, also in a box, on a black background. There is a copyright stamp below.
  • Earlier episodes of 100 Mexicanos Dijeron had an in-credit version of the logo, sometimes over the Televisa logo.
  • On Komunikata, the logo is on left (APTP variant) with TPI on right superimposing the Komunikata logo.

FX/SFX: The lens flare.

Music/Sounds: A synth-orchestra fanfare riddled with bells and shining sounds, which can be in low tone sometimes. On some shows, they use the ending theme. Towards the end of its run, CBS used a generic saxophone/ synth theme on broadcasts of The Price is Right. On Komunikata, Nusrin Nuerdin says in Indonesian, "Komunikata is a production of Pearson Television in association with TPI. Nusrin Nuerdin speaking."

Availability: Rare.

  • This was not too common in the States, but can be seen on reruns of The Bill, among other shows in the UK and reruns of Neighbours in Australia.
  • It appeared on The Price is Right, Family Feud, and Baywatch (which is surprisingly appeared on one episode on its UK DVD of the latter), among others, though current Buzzr/Amazon prints of the 1999 Family Feud plaster it with the FremantleMedia North America logo.
  • The logo was last seen on the 2000-2001 edition of To Tell The Truth when re-aired on GSN.
  • The current American Public Television rerun package of Mr. Bean has the Pearson Television International logo edited over the Thames Television Triangle (versions 1 and 2) over all episodes except Mr. Bean's Christmas. Oddly, the regular (non-international variant) logo can be seen at the end of Mitä Maksaa (TPIR in Finland) and Que Dice la Gente? (FF in Venezuela) as well, PAL-tweaked (though Venezuela still uses the NTSC format).
  • It's also recently seen on a episode of the 1998-1999 version of Match Game on GSN during a Match Game marathon on 25 December 2012.
  • A handful of episodes of Strike It Rich when aired on Challenge in the UK has this logo preserved (look for episodes with a 1999 copyright that is followed by a Grundy/LWT endcap), while all other episodes use the FremantleMedia logo.
  • The Pearson/Carlton combo survives on at least one episode of the 1998 season of Dale's Supermarket Sweep on Challenge, whilst other episodes plaster it and the Carlton-era 'CENTRAL Production' endcap with the FremantleMedia logo.
  • The logo surprisingly appear on Wheel of Fortune/Family Feud crossover on ABC5 (now TV5), and Komunikata in TPI (now MNCTV)
  • Also seen on later syndicated prints of Live/Artisan Entertainment titles, among others.

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