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1935-1945 1935-1945 1945-1972 1972-1982 1982-1987 1987-2020 2020-
1935-1945 1935-1945 1945-1972 1972-1982 1982-1987 1987-2020 2020-

20th Century Fox


Logo: An almost crudely drawn TCF monument, and a shorter tower than the 1935 film logo.

Variant: There is a variant that had the logo's text as "20th CENTURY PICTURES".


TCFPrint 1935-1972.png

Logo: A capture of the 1935-1968 on-screen logo, but seemingly a direct picture via a B&W camera.

Note: While the logo was introduced in 1935, it was trademarked on May 27, 1975.


Logo: The number 20 (with the "0" lower than the "2") with "th" next to the "0". "CENTURY-FOX" is seen below.


Logo: The TCF monument (which looks more professional than the 1st print logo) is seen with a semi-tube like shape surrounding it.


Logo: A black rectangle or square with the TCF monument (this time with a different, more bolder font) in white inside it. Searchlights can be seen on both sides of the monument. A "TM" symbol can also be seen near the bottom.

Variant: Sometimes, the background is omitted.

Note: This was used in tandem with the next logo on ads from 1987 to 1990, with this being used in theatrical trailers and TV spots for Fox films and the next logo being used in print ads for the same. It continued to be used on some VHS cases until 1994.


Logo: An improved version of the previous print logo, made to look more like its movie counterpart.


  • Sometimes, there might be a "TM" symbol near the bottom.
  • In movie trailers, there will sometimes be a white border on the print logo.

20th Century Studios


Logo: Same as the last logo, but with the text "STUDIOS" replacing "FOX", and the "CENTURY" is slightly taller and its font has been altered to match "STUDIOS".

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