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1935-1945 1935-1945 1945-1972 1972-1982 1982-1987 1987-2020 2020-
1935-1945 1935-1945 1945-1972 1972-1982 1982-1987 1987-2020 2020-

20th Century Fox


Logo: An almost crudely drawn TCF monument, and a shorter tower than the 1935 film logo.

Variant: There is a variant that had the logo's text as "20th CENTURY PICTURES".


TCFPrint 1935-1972.png

Logo: A capture of the 1935-1968 on-screen logo, but seemingly a direct picture via a B&W camera.

Note: While the logo was introduced in 1935, it was trademarked on May 27, 1975.


Logo: The number 20 (with the "0" lower than the "2") with "th" next to the "0". "CENTURY-FOX" is seen below.


Logo: The TCF monument (which looks more professional than the 1st print logo) is seen with a semi-tube like shape surrounding it.


Logo: A black rectangle or square with the TCF monument (this time with a different, more bolder font) in white inside it. Searchlights can be seen on both sides of the monument. A "TM" symbol can also be seen near the bottom.

Variant: Sometimes, the background is omitted.

Note: This was still used on VHS cases until 1994.


Logo: An improved version of the previous print logo, made to look more like its movie counterpart.


  • Sometimes, there might be a "TM" symbol near the bottom.
  • In movie trailers, there will sometimes be a white border on the print logo.

20th Century Studios


Logo: Same as the last logo, but with the text "STUDIOS" replacing "FOX".