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SVT1 is the primary television station of the Swedish public service broadcaster, Sveriges Television in Sweden.

1st Logo (1986-1987)

SVT1 (Sweden, 1986).png

Logo: On a forest scene, we see 5 red leaves with white lines. When the falling is complete, it reveals the number "1" in white & we zoom a little bit closer to the 5 leaves.

FX/SFX: 2D Animation.

Music/Sounds: Synth Music is played in a Chiller Style.

Availability: Extinct on Television.

2nd Logo (1987-1994)

SVT1 (Sweden, 1987).png

Logoː We see an underside of a town while it's spinning on a blue background. Then the camera flips to reveal the town while it's spinning & a silver "1". A sunburst can be seen behind.

FX/SFXː Neat 3D Animation.

Music/Soundsː A Warm-feeling flute theme.

Availabilityː Extinct on Television.

3rd Logo (1994-1997)

SVT1 (Sweden, 1994).png

Logoː We see multiple lines in different colors going up or down on a black background. Then a green line, a red line, & a blue line comes along & the camera expands to reveal the number "1" from last time. Finally, it shines.

Variantː Sometimes, different programs replaces the lines.

FX/SFXː 3D Animation.

Music/Soundsː A Piano playing, along with a Guitar is heard.

Music/Sound Variantː For the variant mentioned, the Piano & Guitar plays differently.

Availabilityː Extinct on Television.

4th Logo (1997-2001)

SVT1 (Sweden, 1997).png

Logoː On a black background, we see the same number above in silver, along with 2 silver rings with text spinning. One ring has the text "SVERIGES" in the same color & the other has the text "TELEVISION" also in silver. Then we see the text "SVT" in white & made up with 3 lines as the background animation still animates.

FX/SFXː 3D Animation.

Music/Soundsː An Instrumental Theme.

Availabilityː Extinct on Television.

5th Logo (2001-2003)


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