Sandrew Metronome (Sweden/Denmark)

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Logo descriptions by MylesMoss1996, TWD
Logo captures by TWD
Additional edits by TWD

1st Logo (Late 1990s - 2000s)

Sandrew Metronome (1999).png

Logo: On the mountains with clouds moving by in the sky, we see the 3D prism fly to the center of the screen. It looks around with a rainbow appearing. It looks at us, the circle with the "WM" in it appearing inside it. The prism shines, then breaks it into debris, flying around. The line draws "W" with the line on the root backwards, revealing "SANDRE", reading "SANDREW" and the line draws "M" on the root forward, revealing "ETRONOME", reading "METRONOME" respectively.

FX/SFX: The prism, and the lines.

Music/Sounds: A relaxing tune, then a whoosh, then an electronic tune similar to the Village Roadshow music, several more whooshes, then a bang, and then the music fades out.

Availability: Extinct. Was seen on movie productions and theater openings, but it has since drifted away from those.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo (2000s-)

Sandrew Metronome3.png

Logo: On a black background, a blue medallion flips into view, with the Sandrew Metronome logo carved into it. It flips towards the screen, taking up it, before flipping back to the middle as the background becomes a blue fog. The medallion then lands on it, producing blue dust in which the logo then emerges from it.

Variant: In 2018, the logo was enhanced.

FX/SFX: The prism, and the lines.

Music/Sounds: A enhanced violin tune.

Availability: Current. Seen on VHS and DVD copies of Warner Bros movies, like Osmosis Jones.

Editor's Note: None.

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