Schick Sunn Classic Productions

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Logo and video captures courtesy of Eric S.

(1976-1979?) Shick Sunn Classic Productions (1979)Schick Sunn Classic Productions, Inc.

Logo: On a space background with stars moving, we see a drawing of a sun. "SUNN" on a bold font appears inside it. Below it, these words appear: "SCHICK SUNN CLASSIC PRODUCTIONS" (with "Schick" above "SUNN")

FX/SFX: The animation of the stars moving.

Music/Sounds: An ascending 7-note majestic fanfare. The instrument arrangement of the piece always changes depending on the movie, but always finishing with a loud piccolo flute. Sometimes, the end-title would play over it.

Availability: Very rare. It appeared on pre-1981 prints of some TV movies aired by CBS and distributed by Viacom Enterprises.

Editor's Note: None.

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