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Logo: On a blue/white gradient background, a red rectangular border is drawn clockwise, which fills with red. Then, a gold star flips in from the right to the top of the rectangle. A white border is added behind that. Then, the words "SCREEN" and "LEGENDS", in a white Revue font, zoom out from the bottom below the star. The star shines with a few pings.


  • There's a variant of this logo that has the star flipping in from the left side of the logo instead of the right.
  • A version of this logo which freezes at the end after the animation finishes also exists which appears on Worzel Gummidge Volumes 1 and 2 and some copies of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends: The Deputation and Other Stories respectively.

FX/SFX: The frame drawing, color fill, star, zooming letters, and pinging.

Music/Sounds: A synth tune with a rising 8-note horn fanfare, similar to Carolco Pictures.

Availability: Rare.

  • Appears on VHS releases of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Season 2 releases Thomas, Percy and the Coal and Other Stories, Percy and Harold and Other Stories and The Deputation and Other Stories respectively, Paddington Bear's 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th and 5th and 6th 'Anywhen' TV Shows releases, Worzel Gummidge, Henry's Cat and later VHS prints of Nursery Rhymes, among many others from the UK.

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