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Logo description by Shadeed A. Kelly Logo captures by Eric S.

Background: Studio City Television Productions (also known as "Studio City Television Service") was the television production arm of Republic Pictures Corporation established in 1954. In 1959, all its library was transferred to NTA, however it would later to return to Republic Pictures in 1986. Currently, all of the series are in the public domain.

(1954-1959) Studio City Television ProductionsStudio City Television Productions (1956)

Nickname: "TV Tube Filmstrip"

Logo: It's the same logo as Hollywood Television Service minus the tower receiver in the back of the globe, but instead it has filmstrips on both sides of the TV screen. Inside it has:


in Futura XBlkCn BT font with "INC." italicized all zooming in from the television screen.

Bylines: Starting in 1956, the entire text is shifted up to make room for the company byline. 1955-1957: "A DIVISION OF REPUBLIC PICTURES CORPORATION". 1957-1959: "A SUBSIDIARY OF REPUBLIC PICTURES CORPORATION"

FX/SFX: Same as Hollywood Television Service.

Music/Sounds: Just the end-title theme from any show.

Availability: Extinct. Was seen on Stories of the Century, Frontier Doctor, and The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu, but none of them air anymore.

Editor's Note:None.

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