Suhani S. K. Thapa Production Films (Nepal)

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1st (Known) logo (1990's?)

Suhani S. K. Thapa Production Films (1990's) ASuhani S. K. Thapa Production Films (1990's) B

Logo: We see a blue striped vortex rotating clockwise, with a black hole in the center, inside there's a metallic (copper) Om symbol. The reflection of the sign moves. After a few moments we see a copper ribbon which reads "Suhani S. K. Thapa Production Films" in yellow, continuously zooming out until places under the sign, while the filmstrip-made letters "S F" zoom inside the black hole (the sign fade-out).

FX/SFX: The vortex, the zooming. The whole logo is cheaply done and ugly.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic, ominous choir.

Availability: Seen on A Mero Hajur.

Editor's Note: None.

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