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1st Logo (1976-1979, 1994)

Nicknames: "20th Century Suntisucha", "20th Century Thailand"

Logo: Over a dark shadow of a city with tall skyscrapers and a dark sky, we see a tall structure of a golden rectangle, with "Vs" on top. There's various yellow searchlights on front of it. On the center there's the Thai text, and the translation, "SUNTISUCHA PRODUCTION" below.

FX/SFX: The searchlights.

Music/Sounds: A slow bombastic fanfare.

Availability: Rare. Spotted on various 70s Thai movies including Tang sua phan, Nak leng pa sak, and Salak jitr. It was last seen on เพชรพันล้าน.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo (1980)

Nicknames: "Suntisucha Shores", "Choppy VS Triangle"

Logo: On a starry background, the camera moves to the right as we can see the orange planet (Mars) and the Earth moves as the camera does. The Earth keeps moving, disappearing. A two-dimensional gold triangle comes out of nowhere as the camera stops moving. The triangle spins, then it changes itself to "VS" by flashing. Electricity crackles around the logo, white ribbons fly around and they flash itselves as we now see the Thai text (สันติสุชาโปรดักชั่น) and "PRODUCTIONS" in red. White ribbons are seen flying around behind the logo.

FX/SFX: All the animation.

Music/Sounds: The 1979 Ocean Shores fanfare, but it's shortened and high-pitched.

Availability: Seen on Singh caw phyabankh.

Editor's Note: Very choppy in-quality cel animation here, but at least it has some inspiration.

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