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1st Logo (1976-1985)

Nickname: "TP1"

Logo: On a black background, a conjoined "TP" can be seen in the middle of the screen, with the letters being in white and red repsectively. Above it is "TELEWIZJA POLSKA" and below it is "PROGRAM". There is a "1" near the bottom as well. The result matches the print logo at the time.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Extinct.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo (1985-1987)

Nickname: "T1P"

Logo: On a yellow-green gradient background, a grey sphere zooms in, while a thick line made of various shades of blue, comes in from the top. Another line, but made of red shades, comes in from the bottom. When the sphere fully zooms in, the lines have already wrapped around the sphere, encapsulating it. The lines then revolve around the sphere's axis, resulting in them resting at a much flatter angle, and they move away from the sphere. The T1P logo (a conjoined "tP" in green, with a darker green "1" in between them and completing the "P", while all of it is surrounded by a blue outline) then appears and zooms in on the sphere, while the sphere itself zooms in. As it zooms in, the lines return and wrap around the sphere, covering the background, while the sphere's light shifts places.

Variants: There's also a closedown variant that uses a starry sky instead.

FX/SFX: The sphere zooming in, the lines drawing and curving.

Music/Sounds: Starts with a reverbing synth note that acts on loop for a few seconds, which then turns into a somber synth tune with a extended last note.

Availability: Extinct.

Editor's Note: None.

3rd Logo (1987-1990)

Nicknames: "Monochrome Night", "Ghostly T1P", "Ghost of Soviet Polish Past"

Logo: On a very dark blue background, a star flashes in the top left corner. Another one flashes in the bottom right, and a final one in the middle. A bright flash, however, appears, revealing a white model of "t1p", in bold outlines with the "1" being represented as a thick outline between the letters. The logo then begins to zoom out as well as a rounded square outline. Both the logo and outline then rotate to the right (the square just squeezes in and out), before turning back around to the left. The border then zooms in as a single star appears on the logo.


  • A variant exists where the logo fades in over a violet background with occasional stars shining from time to time. The logo appears in the bottom left corner.
  • A extremely rare variant exists where the animation is very different. The logo starts off with the logo flashing, but the flash is much brighter, and a bit slower as well, and it just fades out. The model then zooms out and begins to rotate at least 270 degrees. The square then appears and it flips away like before. However, the square flips in again, but this time there is the T1P logo in the top left corner, all in white with a orange line representing the 1, almost like a programming menu. It then quickly flips out and the normal square outline flips in and finally zooms into the camera.
  • Another extremely rare variant has the logo playing out as normal, but the "programming menu" is depicted the flip out and flip in of the logo, with the model poorly aligned among the corner.
  • A still version exists, with the logo all in white on a blue background. Its size does differ.

FX/SFX: The stars and logo appearing, the model and frame rotating. The stars in the variant.

Music/Sounds: Silence can be heard in the beginning, Same as 1985 ident.

Availability: Extinct. The variant may have been seen after continuity announcements.

Editor's Note: The logo's choppy movements, dull color scheme, strange logo design, and ghostly music make it kinda like a bad dream. The variant does has some really soothing music, though the stars are obviously made by a flashlight.

4rd Logo (1989-1992)

Nicknames: "Glassy T1P", "Rainbow T1P", "Ghost of Soviet Polish Past II"

Logo: On a dark blue background, a prism zooms in and a beam of light comes from near the top right corner and into the prism. A rainbow flies out of the prism. The prism, beam of light, and rainbow disappear as the rainbow slides to the bottom of the screen. We then cut to a dual black-blue gradient background with a floor. A 3D style rainbow colored "1" draws itself in as the glassy letters "T" and "P" zoom in. The logo sparkles and the background changes styles to a dark blue gradient background.


  • A extremely rare version exists where it starts off on a white background and has a multicolored scribble being drawn in. When it finishes, it flips out like a page and reveals the final result.
  • A still version, like before, does exist with it on a blue background. It appears to be hand painted.

FX/SFX: Unprofessional 3D animation.

Music/Sounds: A gloomy synth bell tune, with a 3-note flourish.

Availability: Extinct. The variant may have been used before children's programming.

Editor's Note: Very poor quality in the animation. The children's variant is not only rough, but the rest of the scribble just pops in before the page flip.

5th Logo (1992-1993)

Nicknames: "Turning Squares", "TVP1 Squares", "Post-Soviet Revival"

Logo: On a orange, green, or blue background with markings and a light mark going diagonally across the screen, it slowly rotates around. The background then suddenly splits into 32 squares, all spinning as it reveals a sky background in their color. 4 of the squares fly off-screen and leave a bright space as the other squares form into a different arrangement of the background. The bright space then reveals itself as the new TVP1 logo, which is "TVP" in an angular font, with squares separating each letter and a solid square with a "1" in it. The background continues to rotate.


  • During a brief time in 1992, the number "40" rotates in above in lilac, representing the 40th anniversary of the channel. It used the blue background variant.
  • Sometimes, a still version may be used. It may be a still shot of the final result, the logo in black on a orange background, or white on a dark blue band getting brighter on the edges.

FX/SFX: The squares splitting and forming again, the logo being revealed.

Music/Sounds: Starts off with a rising chorus, followed by a string synth tune, before ending off with rising piano notes and a orchestral bang. A laid-back guitar (or bell synth) theme plays after, with its arrangement differing from time to time.

Availability: Extinct.

Editor's Note: Far better than the likes from before.

6th Logo (1993-1994)

Nicknames: "TVP!", "TVP1 Rings"

Logo: On a strange background, a thick blue line is seen in the middle, along with a thin purple line on the left, and a yellow line on the right. The camera zooms out and the lines are revealed to be 3 large "C" that start to converge into a rotating ring. A turquoise TVP1 logo comes in from the right, and the camera zooms up to it, causing the ring to stop moving.

FX/SFX: The ring spinning, the logo coming in.

Music/Sounds: There are 2 variants:

  • A pop-synth tune, ending with a Polish chorus singing "TVP!"
  • A funkier beat with the chorus singing a "TVP"-like tune.

Availability: Extinct.

Editor's Note: None.

7th Logo (1994-1995)

Logo: On a purple background, a large glass tube is seen, with translucent teal bands circling up it. Parts inside the tube constantly move up and down, and the bands have "TVP1" on all 4 of them. Bubbles are also seen flying around. The camera then tilts and zooms out,putting the tube in a vertical state. The TVP1 logo in yellow, barring the letters, then slides in from the right and the letters appear in sync with the music, and the "1" filling in. The logo then stops as the bands form "TVP1" vertically.


  • A different short version had a black background with a light blue strange object in the distance. 2 teal/purple rings are seen flat and rotating along as the TVP1 logo rises up to the sky. A shorter version of the tune is used.
  • A Christmas variant had a forest covering much of the logo, with the TVP1 logo fading in over it at the end.
  • A extended version had a longer rendition of the tune at the end when its formed, while a pattern of TVP1 logos fly over the background.

FX/SFX: The tube spinning, the logo sliding in and forming up.

Music/Sounds: A synth piano tune, with bells playing in sync with the letters appearing.

Availability: Extinct.

Editor's Note: None.

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