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Logo: On a white background, a giant clear "3" spins around, revealing a red/black gradient background with several objects near the top. The background then quickly inverts to keep the background from the "3", which now has a slight blue tint. The "3" continues to spin once before moving to the left, as a light draws an line and bursts to reveal a 3D version of the logo at the time, situated at an angle. It consists of an simplified version of the 1992-2003 TVP logo with a blue corner below it. Over it is "Regionalna" and the "3" in blue.


  • Most of the time, the logo would have either the name of the region instead of "Regionalna" or their own custom logo (mostly for WOT and Telewizja Wrocław), along with an picture relating to their region. Sometimes, the full name of their local name is below.
  • A winter and spring version exists, with the former having snowflakes and a blue/black background, and the latter having an green/black background.
  • The 3 would spin solo during an pause. The Warsaw region had their WOT logo turn.

FX/SFX: The 3 spinning, the logo getting revealed.

Music/Sounds: A smooth-sounding tune, played with woodwinds and a xylophone.

Availability: Extinct.

Editor's Note: None.

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