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Logo description by Eric S. and mr3urious Logo captures by Eric S. and V of Doom

Background: Taft Entertainment Television was a television production division of the Taft Company to produce live-action, game shows, and TV movies, most of them in association with Edgar J. Scherick Associates. The library was distributed by Worldvision Enterprises (now "CBS Television Distribution").

(September 14, 1981-October 3, 1988) Taft Entertainment Television (1981-1988)Taft Entertainment TelevisionTaft Entertainment Television (1985)Taft Entertainment TelevisionTaft Entertainment TelevisionTaft Entertainment Television (1988)Taft Entertainment Television (1986)

Logo: On a blue background with rotating stars, a flash occurs. The text "TAFT ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION" centered in white lettering and in Taft's corporate font zooms-in. Under it, there is a byline saying "A Division of" in very tiny lettering and "THE TAFT ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" in a larger Arial font.


  • On TV movies made in association with Edgar J. Scherick, the logo is still on a black background with slightly smaller text.
  • On the TV series You Again? and the TV movie Unholy Matrimony, it appears in-credit.
  • On season 1 of Throb, the still logo in blue without the byline is placed on a blue gradient wall full of repeating company names engraved in the background.
  • A short version with the finished logo exists.
  • On the TV movie The Key to Rebecca and the short-lived show The Lucie Arnaz Show, the logo is placed on a different space background. The words "TAFT" and "TELEVISION" appear from the upper left and the lower right and "ENTERTAINMENT" zooms in from the middle to their places with each word leaving a white trail. Once the name forms, the trails slowly dissolve away and the Taft byline fades in.

FX/SFX: The stars, the flash, and the zooming text, or none.

Music/Sounds: None or the closing theme of the show.

Availability: Extremely rare. Appeared on some TV movies and shows from the '80s, such as Sable and The Key to Rebecca. If their shows are ever reran in the future, expect the CBS Television Distribution logo to plaster it, though The Key to Rebecca kept it on its DVD release followed by the OPT, 1994 Worldvision and CTD logos. However, if You Again? gets reran, the CTD logo will follow because the logo is an in-credit logo.

Editor's Note: The normal animated logo was essentially a cheaper copy of the animation used in the idents for stations owned by the Taft Television & Radio Company.

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