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Logo Review

I saw some user that merged the 1977 and 2008 logos of WGBH all into one logo, witch in my eyes is considered vandalism. However, in the case of Avco, there wasn't much vandalism as the two end results are actually the same, but can be considered separate logos.

The first animated logo has simplistic animation but I do like the fanfare, as it sounds nice, even for television standards.

The second one though, the animation is much better than the first, yet in-your-face, and the music is really awkward. It can definitely give people from the 1970s a scare.

Overall, I think the first logo is okay while the second one is just, WOW!

I can easily compare the second logo with the Viacom V of Doom (or what I call "The Zooming V That is Harmless"). The V of Doom to me isn't really that scary. Sure, the zooming V and the bombastic fanfare can get to someone, but to me, it's mostly harmless (unlike the warp-speed videotaped version witch I call "The Actual V of Doom"). In the case of the second Avco logo, I can call it "The Empennage of Doom". The second logo here should be considered scary unlike the V of Doom as it is more in-your-face and the music is creepier.

Welp, that is all I like say about this two logos in one package.

BaldiBasicsFan (talk) 03:49, 8 September 2020 (UTC)