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Logo Review

What was Pakistan thinking?! Okay, I understand that Pakistan loves to have cool and hip logos, but Americans (including myself) will think that Pakistani logos are just weird and bizarre. It is just like India with it's religious logos.

The concept of this logo is interesting with a kid having a gun in it's hands. However, it is also unsuitable as kids nowadays can't play with guns. However, this is typical for Pakistan to do.

I will give it that the effects on the gun shooting at the camera as well as text fade in are alright, but what's the man in the photo? Is it suppose to represent the government of Pakistan or even the president of that country? I don't live in Pakistan so I have no idea.

Overall, it is just a typical logo from the early 1980s. Even for Pakistan standards, Pakistani people my find their logos okay, but Americans won't, like for examples, Ismail Production, Seven Times Productions, Bari Films (Suhail Butt), etc.

India was also the same thing with Ramsay Productions, Titwala Filmwalas, Aanandam Arts, etc.

This is why I called it the cousin of the Bang! Bang! Films logo from Hong Kong. Both are related to guns, both have the same scare factors when factors still existed, and both have dark backgrounds.

BaldiBasicsFan (talk) 16:40, 3 September 2020 (UTC)