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I know that the company wants to do a rebrand, but the WGBH name is very recognizable.

The logo itself looks like a placeholder, as the animation is simpler compared to the logos under the WGBH name.

This is definitely a similar case with Warner Bros. Pictures, where for WB, it is an imitation if their previous logo, only with the new shield. The only other differences to the previous WP logo were the cloud background fading out and the shield shining, that's it.

I hope GBH will get an official logo where it would look similar to the 6th WGBH logo like what that company did in the past with it's previous name.

BaldiBasicsFan (talk) 23:36, 1 September 2020 (UTC)

Honestly, it looks like a SNL parody of WGBH or something along those lines. LARDLOGO (talk) 20:26, 2 September 2020 (UTC)