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Television Update

Did Aaron's Way used the Bonnie Raskin Ice Cream logo from what I can see it didn't let me know

The CLG Wiki Remembers Update

Have you ever seen on and radio host Larry King dies at the age of 87. American baseball player Hank Aaron, also dies at the age of 86.

Celebrity Deaths

Dustin Diamond who played on Saved by the Bell has died of cancer at age 44

5th Buena Vista Television Logo Update

The 5th Buena Vista Television has listed its debut as September 13, 1997 but I have an airing of Mary Poppins from May 17, 1997 that uses the 5th logo so did it debut earlier?

Christopher Plummer RIP

The actor Christopher Plummer has died at the age of 91


Computers and internet logo wiki

I would to see a CLG style wiki on PC and Internet logos? Maybe there could be a spinoff wiki like that someday soon?

Visit my fan page Consumer Electronics Wiki

I made a fan based website called Consumer Electronics Wiki! If anyone from the CLG Wiki community would like to use it and expand it feel free to do so! Here's the link:

Did the 1986 MGM Logo debut on Solarbabies on November 26, let me know! - User:Neelyryan95

The Animator just passed away

R.I.P. Olivier Jean-Marie (1960 - 2021). Put it on the Remembers.

A suggestion for a new CLG Wiki's Dream Logos to be built

I'm thinking there can and would be a new CLG Wiki's Dream Logos to be built on Miraheze. Maybe there can be a spinoff? Let me know! (I'm a new user, just signed in. Say hi to me by messaging me on CLG Wiki if you want to :)! ) CircleyverseFaneggdog (talk) 14:49, 23 June 2021 (UTC)[reply]

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