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"Rumor Confirmations"

Don't know if this will become a trend "Discussion"-wise but here we go.

Rumor Confirmations is meant to be a way that fellow logo archivers can determine rumors or sightings that are either proposed by edits (like this one I will detail), rumors suggested from your personal experience that you have remembered but can't track down, or anything else that can fall in credibility due to the factors of what is being proposed; hope others like this idea.

A couple of days ago, user "ArchiveEntertainment" on this wiki made a edit to this page that intrigued me. (Note I have sense edited the wording and placement than where the user put it on the page)

"On the mid-1990s prints Our Miss Brooks has the 1995 Domestic logo with 1976 Viacom V of Doom music (low-toned) bad plastering in the background."

I cannot find any prints of Our Miss Brooks anywhere besides ones on TubiTV (where the only 2 episodes get plastered with a B&W "Tricoast Worldwide" logo), and ones originally (or at the earliest still up) uploaded by Archive.ORG user "nwatna" (which mostly don't have any logos, with the exception of a filmed VoD on one of them). "Credit" uploads have mostly no logos; I did see one with a CBS Television Network "Camera" logo, but thats it from what I've seen. I've heard that it has occasionally aired on the Weigel-owned MeTV and Decades, but what I have seen mostly points to it being documented and likely aired around 2017. It may appear on those stations (though I see Decades airing it more likelier), and there is apparently 2 volumes of the first season released by CBS Home Entertainment so it could be on there if you're lucky. I've also asked the original user if he can point me to where this variant is if he can.

Obviously a very minor start, but hopefully my idea can stop rumors being falsified as truth (which isn't to say the original rumor here isn't true).

--Edc4 (talk) 23:57, 31 May 2020 (UTC)

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