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Logo description by Matt A., James Fabiano, and Adam P. Logo captures by V of Doom and Phillip Hatfield Editions by Shadeed A. Kelly, V of Doom, and Phillip Hatfield


Time-Telepictures Television was the joint-venture production unit of Time, Inc. (later independent from "Time Warner" (now "WarnerMedia") and later acquired by and folded into Meredith Corporation) and Telepictures Productions. The TTT name was retired in 2003, and all programs produced under the TTT name were transferred to Telepictures Productions.


Nicknames: "The Changing "T", "That Logo From Extra"

Logo: On a black background, a white box with the "T" from the Time Magazine logo appears, materializing as a set of lines before fully appearing. It then changes into the "T" from Futura Bold (the Telepictures typeface of the era), which is colored white and disappears as a set of lines. A serifed "T" in a white box appears and does the same thing. The text "TIME-TELEPICTURES T e l e v i s i o n" appears in this "segmented" manner, with "TIME" and "TELEPICTURES" as their respective logo and wordmark. A white box is used for the cote-out word "TIME", while "TELEPICTURES" has a white line under it.

Variant: There is a variant where the copyright stamp fades in under the logo and the Time-Telepictures logo would fade out, leaving the copyright stamp in.

FX/SFX: The changing "T" and the text appearing.

Music/Sounds: It's usually just the end-title theme from Extra playing over the logo. However, on the Sports Illustrated tapes from the mid-'90s, it had a jingle consisting of various interference-esque, mechanical grunting noises.

Availability: Extremely rare:

  • This was on 1994-2003 episodes of Extra, and the first season of Celebrity Justice.
  • This can be found, however, on some Sports Illustrated videos from the mid-'90s, such as the 30th Anniversary Swimsuit Special, which was released on VHS.
  • A clue for those who want to see this: shows that had it (at least Extra did) have a copyright stamp in the end credits for "TTT West Coast". On the Sports Illustrated videos, it reads as "TTT East Coast".

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