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Trifecta Entertainment & Media is a syndication and distribution company formed in 2006 by two former executives from MGM Television.

(2006- )

Logo: On a black background we see the shiny edges of the powder blue right triangle coming into formation. After the edges come together, a solid powder blue right triangle forms and moves upward to the right. The gray words "TRIFECTA" appear; the T is in the powder blue right triangle, and under "--FECTA" is the text "ENTERTAINMENT & MEDIA" in powder blue. A shine goes to the right across the triangle and text, then the words "TRIFECTA" flash and turn shiny, silver, and metallic. A reflection of the logo fades in after that.


  • A short version exists starting when the logo is in place and the shine starts from the left of the triangle across the text. The music is shortened.
  • Another short version exists starting at the beginning of the logo and cuts to black after the words "TRIFECTA" flash and turn shiny, silver, and metallic.
  • A long version can be seen on syndicated prints of Dog: The Bounty Hunter, where the finished logo remains for a little longer and fades out slowly.
  • On Bloopers, the reflection of the logo is cut off.
  • On syndicated prints of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (the TV series), a still version of the logo is seen on a white background.

FX/SFX: The shine across the triangle and text, and the flash and shine of the words "TRIFECTA". Nice animation.

Music/Sounds: A rising choir sound, followed by a short electronic theme.

Availability: Common on syndicated prints of Paramount-distributed films (including Universal, Orion, Carolco, Cannon and Weintraub films). Occasionally appears at the end of syndicated DreamWorks films. Also seen on syndicated prints of Punk'D, some episodes of Leverage, Bloopers, and American prints of Republic of Doyle. Also spotted on syndicated prints of Forensic Files and Whacked Out Sports. The white background variant is extinct and was only seen on syndicated prints of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

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