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Turner Studios existed as a production company that produced programs for Adult Swim during the 2000s. Today it serves as the headquarters for Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

(January 1, 2004-July 22, 2007)

Nickname: "The Turner Globe Thing"

Logo: There are two variants of this logo, both including a weird globe-like frame with "TURNER STUDIOS" in a futuristic font below. The variants are:

  • Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law: After the last bit of the end credits, a door with blurry glass and a brown, spruce-like frame shuts on the credits. On the glass is the frame, which is blue, and the text (which is smaller than the frame but also blue) below it.
  • Stroker & Hoop: On a computer screen with a red color scheme (probably the computer in the car Stroker and Hoop drive in), we see sound waves moving before the frame and text, which are both in red, appear via glitch effect. Here, the frame is smaller and the text is bigger.

FX/SFX: On Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law, it's the door shutting; on Stroker & Hoop, it's the animation of the computer screen.

Music/Sounds: Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law had the closing theme of the show accompanied by the sound of a door shutting; Stroker and Hoop had a robotic voice saying "beep boop bop bwop" accompanied by a synthesized "ding" sound.

Availability: Seen on Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law and Stroker & Hoop.

Editor's Note: None.

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