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1st Logo (January 15, 1959-July 16, 1970)

Nicknames: "Tri-Ts of Roughness", "TTT"

Logo: On a black background, an anchor zooms in to the middle of the screen. Once it zooms in, the anchor morphs into a "T" and two smaller "T"s emerge from the "T" from the left side and the right side. The circle part of the anchor then moves to the left and reveals the words "TYNE TEES" while moving to the right and vanishes after. "TELEVISION channel 8" then appears below the giant "T".


  • At the beginning of some news programmes, "TYNE TEES TELEVISION NEWS" can be seen above the symbol and "PRESENTS" can be seen below.
  • At the end of some news programmes, "TYNE TEES NEWS" can be seen above the symbol and "PRODUCTION" can be seen below.

FX/SFX: The zooming of the "T", the morphing, the animation of the "T"'s and the circle part of the anchor.

Music/Sounds: An announcer says "Tyne Tees Television, channel 8", and then a nautical sounding fanfare plays. Composed by Arthur Wilkinson and is also contained in its start-up theme, "Three Rivers Fantasy".

Music/Sounds Variant: Rarely, there's no announcer, with the music higher pitched, sounding more cheerful.

Availability: Extinct. Logo enthusiasts in the UK have preserved this logo on tape, like most, if not all logos from ITV. See tvark.org.uk for a good example.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo (July 17, 1970-1979)

Nicknames: "TTTV", "The Trumpets and Diamonds"

Logo: On a blue background, four yellow lines go by really quickly from all four sides of the screen. Once they all intersect across the screen, they morph into a stylized "TTTV" which consists of a "T" and a "V" connected together and a "T" connected to the top of the two letters. "TYNE TEES" then appears below the logo and then six red diamonds appear below "TYNE TEES" which then turn into "COLOUR".

Variant: There's a closing version, where the logo is still, and on a dark blue background. The byline reads, "© Trident Television Ltd. [YEAR]".

FX/SFX: The lines moving and morphing, "TYNE TEES" and "COLOUR" appearing.

Music/Sounds: A majestic horn fanfare, sounding somewhat like the 20th Century Fox fanfare.

Availability: Rare. Appears at the start of The Unknown Genius which is available for viewing on the Internet Archive. Also appeared on other Tyne Tees programs throughout the era.

Editor's Note: This is the first appearance of the TTTV symbol, which would be used for the next 22 years.

3rd Logo (1979-1988)

Nicknames: "TTTV II", "TTTV's 20th Anniversary"

Logo: On a blue background, the "TTTV" symbol (designed the same as the 2nd logo) moves toward the center of the screen in Star Wars text fashion, leaving a trail of rainbow lines in the process. Once it reaches the center of the screen, it flips back to normal and its outline flashes at the screen with a rainbow effect. The background then turns blue, and "TYNE TEES" zooms out from the bottom of the screen, making a white trail and stops below the "TTTV" symbol.


  • There is a Christmas variant of this logo, used around 1981. The background is lighter and there is a cheap holly border surrounding it.
  • There is a still shot of this logo with a copyright stamp at the end of TV series.

FX/SFX: The "TTTV" moving, the rainbow lines and flashing, "Tyne Tees" zooming out.

Music/Sounds: A synthesized tune.

Availability: Seen on shows like Supergran and the first series of Chain Letters.

Editor's Note: None.

4th Logo (1988-1990)

Nicknames: "CGI TTTV", "The River", "TTTV III"

Logo: Against a yellow background textured to look like sand, a stream of gray-colored water moves across the screen in a wave-like motion. It then splits into several streams and forms the logo in light blue and has a drop shadow. The camera turns upward and "Tyne Tees", in white, fades in below.

FX/SFX: The water. This was great CGI for the time, and it would have worked better if it was used a few years before to replace the previous one.

Music/Sounds: A synthesized fanfare sounding a little similar to the 3rd logo.

Availability: Extinct, once again.

Editor's Note: None.

5th Logo (September 1989-April 1991)

Nicknames: "ITV Generic", "TTTV IV"

See ITV.

6th Logo (1990-1991)

Nicknames: "Neon TTTV", "TTTV Bumper"

Logo: We see a twisted, spiral-esque neon stream shooting forward, morphing into the Tyne Tees logo.

FX/SFX: The spiral morphing into the logo.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Extinct. Used as a break bumper in-between programs and advertisements.

Editor's Note: None.

7th Logo (April 1991-October 1992)

Nicknames: "Tri-Colored TTTV", "CGI TTTV II", "TTTV V" , "The Museum"

Logo: A "screen" containing several images of England flips up from the bottom on a black background. The screen then rotates around to reveal more screens. They then flip upward to form the same logo from before, which is colored with red, blue, green, and gray diagonal stripes, and situated against a bright light. "TYNE TEES", in a white serif font, appears below.


  • A variant used a slightly dimmer spotlight below the TTTV.
  • Sometimes, there's no name below.

FX/SFX: The "screens".

Music/Sounds: David Dundas' ITV fanfare from the 5th logo.

Availability: Extinct. Only used as a station ID.

Editor's Note: None.

8th Logo (October 1992-September 1996)

Nicknames: "Silver TTTV", "TTTV of Steel", "TTTV VIII", "CGI TTTV III"

Logo: A series of thick white flashes move quickly in various directions across a blue and white background, tracing what turns out to be a new "TTTV" logo, three-dimensional and in silver, with the letters in a chunky serif font and not joined to each other. As the "TTTV" is being formed, it turns to face us, reflecting numerous colors along the way. When it does face us, it shines briefly, and "TYNE TEES", in blue with a white drop-shadow, fades in below.


  • A sign-language version exists that has a person spelling out "Tyne Tees TTTV" (maybe) in sign language, fading out before the logo finishes.
  • A short version exists, where all the flashes move in at once to create the logo as it eases back and the text and background (which is slightly lighter), appears.

FX/SFX: The "TTTV" shining and reflecting colors, and the flashes.

Music/Sounds: An interesting composition of four "chimes", two each at the start and end of the logo, and several "swish" sounds as the "TTTV" is being formed.

Availability: Rare. It was seen on the prints of several TT shows from the era.

Editor's Note: This is the first appearance of the new TTTV symbol.

9th Logo (September 1996-March 1998)

Nicknames: "The Large 3", "Channel 3 North East"

Logo: Against a stylized blue background, a large gold "3" swoops in from the right and zooms out. To the left of the "3", the letters of the words "NORTH EAST", in gold, unfold, with several rings and electricity moving across them. "TYNE TEES TELEVISION", also in gold, is formed below in a similar fashion.

Trivia: The logo's theme was used on one of the radio stations in the first Grand Theft Auto game, which is taken from an out of print sample library called "Orchestral Colors", composed by Peter Siedlaczek and arranged by Marcin Pospieszalski.

Variant: A production variant has the name "TYNE TEES" appear against the background.

FX/SFX: The 3 and the letters being formed. The production variant is still.

Music/Sounds: A rather heroic fanfare. The production variant is silent.

Availability: The normal version is extinct, and was only used as a station ID. The production variant is very rare, and appeared on shows and TV movies from the period. However, the DVD releases mostly cut off this logo, so it could be found on old tapes of Wingless Bird and Round Tower.

Editor's Note: This logo annoyed more people than it delighted. It has even been said by the company who produced it that it was done in one afternoon.

10th Logo (March 1998-November 1999)

Nicknames: "TTTV Returns", "TTTV IX", "CGI TTTV VI"

Logo: On a similar blue background to the one in the previous logo, we see a map of the North East of England, together with the outlines of the letters "TTTV" (arranged in the same way as before) in a stylized serif font. After a while, the letters turn yellow and become more three-dimensional, while "TYNE TEES TELEVISION" appears below.


  • There was an evening variant of this logo, with the background in a darker shade of blue.
  • There was a variant of this logo used before news programmes, with the map replaced by news footage.
  • There was also a variant used before sports programmes, with the map replaced by scenes from football matches.
  • The 40th anniversary variant used a ruby background.

FX/SFX: The letters turning yellow.

Music/Sounds: An abridged version of the heroic fanfare from the 9th logo.

Music/Sounds Variant: The ruby background variant uses some pulsating music similar to the 1st logo.

Availability: Extinct.

Editor's Note: Like with the previous logo, it annoyed people more than delighting them.

11th Logo (November 1999-October 2002)

Nicknames: "TV From the Heart", "TTTV XI"

See ITV.

13th Logo (September 2000-October 2002)

Note: This logo was only used for regional programming.

Nickname: "TTTV XI", "Modern TTTV"

Logo: Clips of North East footage in a blue tint with dots in the background are playing. When the camera scrolls upward on the Angel of the North footage, dots fly from big to small in a crescent pattern and a bright flash is seen. The TTTV logo is seen with the dots in blue on a white fading strip. The footage still continues.

Variant: A version is seen with the logo formed and no footage.

FX/SFX: The footage and dots with the flash.

Music/Sounds: A piano and violin tune with an announcer.

Availability: Extinct.

Editor's Note: None.

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