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Universal Cable Productions is the former name of a cable division of Universal Media Studios (now "Universal Television") that was founded in July 2008 to create content for cable networks like USA Network and Syfy. In 2019, Universal Cable Productions was rebranded as Universal Content Productions.

(June 1, 2008-2019)

Nickname: "UCP"

Logo: On a blue background, a white circle is seen that splits itself into three, glittering and shining as it does so. The letters "U", "C" and "P" are inside each of the three circles. As they zoom back and shine, "UNIVERSAL CABLE PRODUCTIONS" appears below the logo.


  • From 2009, a different variant is used. The circles are bigger and white and the letters "U", "C", and "P" are now in a cut-out style. The byline "A Division of NBC Universal" appears on the bottom. Everything is centered instead of left aligned.
  • There is also a warp-speed variant.
  • Some shows have "Worldwide Sales and Distribution" appear on top of the UCP logo.
  • On the first season of Satisfaction (the U.S. TV series), the logo is seen on the bottom with the Sony Pictures Television logo on the top.

FX/SFX: The circles splitting, the glittering and light effects, the zoom-out.

Music/Sounds: Originally none. Later on, a sweet guitar theme with wind noises was introduced. The ending theme of the show may also be heard.

Music/Sounds Variant: The season 9 premiere of Law & Order: Criminal Intent has the first version with Universal Media Studios music.

Availability: Common. It's known to exist on former shows produced for cable networks like USA or Syfy, such as Psych, Royal Pains, In Plain Sight, and the final season of Monk. This strangely doesn't appear on Syfy's original movie Red Faction: Origins despite them producing it.

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