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Logo descriptions byrjsmith09

(June 16, 2017-)

Logo: Same as the 2012 Universal Pictures logo, except the words "VIRTUAL REALITY" are placed under"UNIVERSAL", the whole thing is presented in a 360-degree format, and the globe has darker lighting.

Variant: A short version, which shows the text settling into place, also exists.

FX/SFX: Pretty much the same as the main logo, except its presented in a 360-degree environment (meaning a lot more of outer space).

Music/Sounds: Same as the main logo, originally composed by Jerry Goldsmith and arranged by Brian Tyler.

Availability: Seen on 360-degree and virtual reality experiences from Universal. It first appeared on The Mummy - Zero Gravity Stunt in 360, which can be seen on Universal's YouTube channel. Also appeared on the VR short Jurassic World: Blue; the short version can be seen on its trailer.

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