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Universum Film GmBH is a film distribution company owned by the RTL Group. It was founded in 1979 to release videotapes and has no correlation with Universum Film AG.

(Early 2000s-)

Universum Film GmBH.png

Logo: In space, we see the Solar System, with several planets (some with moons orbiting them), a Milky Way, and another planet that flies towards the others. Suddenly, the camera moves around the planets as a silver crescent slowly fades in. The planets disappear in the crescent as the text "universum" flies around it in a Universal-style way. The crescent glows blue, as it changes into a smaller crescent with two dots near it. The words "universum" and "film" are seen next to the blue crescent. The logo slowly zooms in as a blue flash appears behind it and slowly dissipates.

FX/SFX: Very good CGI animation!

Music/Sounds: A series of string notes and a brief synth section, that gives off the impression of being in space. The music suddenly grows more dramatic, before it turns into a powerful fanfare.

Availability: Common in German prints of movies on DVD and Blu-rays and in theaters.

Editor’s Note: None.

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