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Michael DeFabbio

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You can find me on Fandom and Wikipedia. I mainly add Editor’s Notes and revert vandalism.

I am also going to start talking about logos here on discussions on pages and what do I think of them.

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posted 186 days ago

Sorry for ruined the Allspark Pictures page in 1 week ago, because this logo is currently used as of 2020.

posted 205 days ago

Thanks for editing the Pascal Pictures page I created.

posted 300 days ago

Thanks for catching that slip-up on the Muppet Studios Page. I copied the whole page over from the Fandom site to simplify things since there was some tricky text formatting going on and all the markup/formatting there was already done. Must have missed that it was still using scare factors.

posted 350 days ago

Hi! I would like to let you know that I have posted something on the THX talk page discussing the trailer dispute. We can discuss it there.

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