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Personal information
Real nameJoshua Pugh
LocationAshburn, Virginia
HometownAshburn, Virginia
SchoolsCurrent School: Stone Bridge High School (12th Grade)

Previous Schools: Sanders Corner Elementary School and Trailside Middle School

About meA person that likes logos. I will gladly help this wiki out.

What I am doing right now: Transferring content from the original CLG Wiki. Same thing happening on the Company Bumpers Wiki.

If you would, you can talk to me using the LogoFun13-YT user talk page or send me an email.

This account is the real LogoFun13. If you spot an account that features my username in a mean way, please report it on the User Reports page

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posted 173 days ago

lmao now he is spam blanking the reports so he doesn't get in trouble. lol this too funny.

posted 173 days ago

now hes doing hit entertainment :/

posted 173 days ago

DVD Hass is back as dynex. Blanked reports and bombing YTV Canada.

posted 175 days ago

DVD Haas is back, and they're now more worse this time! They blanked the reports!

posted 192 days ago

Im shy to ask for admin on the admin page. i dont wanna mess it up

posted 390 days ago

I can't do that, because I am using an Android. I will do that later in my PC

posted 390 days ago

I was replying in the forum about the "JAN" logo but no one is answering, I think they are sleeping. Can you tell me whats the original logo that the JAN logo stole? Reply here:

posted 409 days ago

While hunting French continuity channels, the one I was searching for had a DVD rip of trailers that were spoofed. Those mostly were 20th Century Fox. I then decided I would upload every single one I found to my channel. :)

posted 412 days ago

They are finds, and I don't really care if someone else posts something I find. Go for it :)

posted 519 days ago

Oh yeah, Nate Spidgewood. He caused a mess on the old CLG Wiki before I joined.

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