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Real nameSam
HometownCanberra, Australia
BirthdayMarch 29th
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posted 21 days ago

No, I do not have a Discord. Sorry.

posted 21 days ago

I don't have Discord at the moment. Sorry about that.

posted 55 days ago

I tried to rejoin the CLG Wiki Discord but it says "whoops unable to accept invite"

posted 112 days ago

I'm sorry, but I don't have a Discord.

posted 151 days ago

Can you be promoted as one of the administrators of the CLG Wiki?

posted 178 days ago

Hey Dude, Artem Gubert just snuck in to the CLG Wiki!

posted 309 days ago

It's as simple as using Windows' built-in screen capture feature. I just pause playback at the right time, and use the Print Screen key, then paste it into photo editing software and save as a .png. Hopefully that answered your question.

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