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What I usually do ː/

I create pages of (primarily) scary logos, find significant logos, & edit pages to make it better. Also, although I do have pretty good grammar (though it doesn't mean a lot, seriously look at my page's history), it's entirely possible that my pages need editing. As of now, I know over 2500 Logos due to CLG boii & YouTube.

I started my account for CLG in February 13, 2022 & ever since then, I have been active daily & doing edits like crap. I took a break in April 26-May 3, 2022 because of the problems happening in the world. On May 19, 2022, my Company Bumpers account is released. My story is discontinued...

I also live in Southeast USA, so I don't know how that's important. Anything but North Korea.

Random Stuff

Stupid stuff I put here.

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Check out this link for translation (mainly Hungarian)ǃː


Pages I've Created

These are the Pages I have Created (From Oldest to Newest)

Logo Descriptions by Countryː

USAː 16 (That's a lot lol)

Pakistanː 6

Indiaː 5

Russiaː 4

Puerto Rico, Philippines, Portugal, & Chileː 2

Indonesia, Finland, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, UK, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Sweden, Belarus, Argentina, & Hungary ː

Associated with

Seen in Credits.


  • Prodigy012; Once reported me, but now allies & on the DVD Haas hunt.
  • Tabit; Big help of my descriptions.


  • DD Haas SO ANNOYING & EVILǃ Blanking pages, cursing in front of everyone (including me), & was being racist.
  • Any other sockpuppet; Honestly, it's the dumbest idea ever...


1/10ː February 13, 2022

25ː February 19, 2022

50ː March 5, 2022

100ː March 26, 2022

200ː March 29, 2022

300ː April 5, 2022

400ː April 16, 2022

500ː April 24, 2022

600ː May 7, 2022

Special Images

These are the special Images captured by me, which can be found on the Forum:Surprise Logo Discoveries. It also contains a backstory. Not all are featured. Also, this is about the best captures.

National logos

Defenitionː A logo used/unused that is only available on the country/continent it originates. For exampleː Some of the 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment logos says "Domestic/North American Variants", meaning it stays on it's country/countries. Anything outside of said country will be International.

1st Findː Paramount Pictures Corporation (Moana Variant, 1926)


Backstoryː I was just browsing on YouTube to see if I can get treasure. I came across a movie in 1926, so I checked it. It has the print Paramount Pictures Corporation logo at the bottom, it's in-credit, & French Subtitles appear at the bottom. This seems rare, so I posted the logo to the CLG Wiki & the Forum.

Availabilityː Seen on Moana.

Author's Noteː Seems to be a special & old find.

2nd Findː Hobart Bosworth Productions Company (1915)

Hobart Bosworth Productions Company-Paramount Pictures Corporation (1915).png

Backstoryː I was looking over old movies from the 1910s on Youtube, which is where I discovered the oldest discovered movie. I came across a movie from 1915, where at the end, it shows some undiscovered gold, where I thought it's a Paramount logo. I captured it and posted it on the Surprise Logo Discoveries Forum. After that, it seems to be getting some popularity & some Positive feedback through some people like VPJHuk, a literal god. Camenati said that is the Hobart Bosworth Production Company logo, so I applied to that. On May 21, 2022, Logohub made a page about the company & I helped.

Availabilityː Seen on Hypocrites.

Author's Noteː Seems to be the best find from me to date. However, due to these "rumors" about what it's called, it won't be getting featured anytime soon.

3rd & 4th Findsː Universal Film S.A. (1933)

Universal Film S.A. (Opening).png
Universal Film S.A. (Closing).png

Backstoryː I was looking through some archives for the Forum, when I discovered the Universal Film S.A. logo found in November. I captured it, while being sure no one else done that, & put it in the CLG Wiki. Then I put it in the current forum itself.

Availabilityː Seen on Chotard et Cie.

Editor's Noteː This is not my find.

International logos

Definitionː A logo used/unused that is available worldwide, with the exception of a few countries due to limitations & the company's original country. Exampleː RCA/Columbia Pictures International Video has logos available in UK, Germany, Italy, Mexico, & Japan only. There are a few expectations however.

NOTEː I just want to say this so I don't have to list it in the Editor's Noteː THESE ARE NOT MY FINDS.

5th, 6th, & 7th Findsː 20th Century Fox Film Corporation (Soviet (Stretched/Open Matte Versions)/Russian (TV Version) Version, 1990, 1992, 1994

20th Century Fox (Soviet Version, 1990).png
20th Century Fox (Russian TV Version, 1994).png
20th Century Fox (Soviet Open Matte Version, 1992).png

Backstoryː I was basically looking for International logos, when I stumble on a Fox logo used in the Soviet Union. It appears to be stretched like crap & it has an announcer in it. Seems rare to me, so I posted this to the CLG Wiki & the Forumː SLD, & it's instantly put in the 20th Century Studios page. A few days later, I was searching up the same thing & found 2 Fox logos. One is in Open-Matte & the other is contrasted a little & has the Channel One Russia TV Bug on the top right corner. Then I put it on the CLG Wiki & the same Forum. It has also got to the 20th Century Studios page once captured.

Availabilityː The 1st Find can be seen on the Russian Print of Die Hard 2, & the 3rd Find can be seen on a Russian release print of "Mrs. Doubtfire". IDK where the TV one came from, since it appeared once in Channel One Russia.

Editor's Noteː I considered these finds "cheesy".

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