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About me

My name is Tabit, and I am a page editor.

I first entered the logo community in 2017 (thanks to TR3X Productions), and that's when I was underaged. In Early January of 2021, the account was created, and it's now a year old. In June 18 of 2021, I created my first ever page, which at the same time, taught me on how to edit pages till this day.

I'm also a video editor, and for editing, I use Hitfilm Express and VEGAS Pro 18.

I am also a graphic designer, and I use Photoshop 2020 and, with a splish-splash of GIMP.

Plus, I am an average page writer so expect me to dump out the same description style over and over (I have bad grammar).

As of this point, I'm trying to expand each category of logos just to make it more clean.

Pages that I've created (might need extra edits)

Sarathi Picture's Production P. Ltd. (Nepal)
Ralhan Productions (India)
Studio Filmowe Zodiak (Poland)
Zespół Filmowy Profil (Poland)
Euro International Films (Italy)
Seeme Productions (Pakistan)
Waris Pictures (India)
National Films (India)
Spark Video (India)
Georgian Television (Georgia)
United Films Company (Egypt)
Seven Mountain Movies (India)
Waris Pictures (India)
Hoover Film Company (Hong Kong)
Shehnaz Films (India)
Producciones Tauro Films (Mexico)
Maspe Filmes (Brazil)
Saagara Chitra (India)
Shiva Arts International (India)
Jagga Gujjar Productions (Pakistan)
Heera Moti Films (Pakistan)
Crouching Tiger Motion Pictures (India)
Subhalaxmi Films (Nepal)
Studioul Cinematografic București (Romania)
Mushir-Riaz Productions (India)
Smt.Leelavathi Combines (India)
Evernew Pictures (Pakistan)
Kuvanaamat (Finland)
Trimurti Films (India)
Taj Films Production (Pakistan)
Janta Chitra (India)
Noumi Pictures (Pakistan)
Sippy Films (India)
Thunderbird Films (Italy)
Om Trinetra Productions (Nepal)
Video Programm München (Germany)
Varuna Films Creations (India)
Chakra Production (India)
Konark Movie Creations (India)
Studio Małych Form Filmowych (Poland)
Cydis Video (Spain)
Advance Production (Serbia)


  • Aum Films (India)
  • Electronum (Romania)
  • Scalera Film (Italy)
  • Studio Filmowe Ki (Poland)
  • Zespol Filmowy Kadr (Poland)

Most pages by country:

  1. India: 18
  2. Pakistan: 6
  3. Nepal and Poland: 3

Pages that I've moved

“I know what I have to do but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it.”

Delirium Films
786 DS Films (India)
786 Aftab Pictures (India)
Saravan Films (India)
Zespół Filmowy Profil (Poland)
Farooq Productions (Pakistan)
Gujart Productions (Pakistan)
Qazi Films/Gullisman Films (Pakistan)
MNA's Road Productions (Pakistan)
Seven Times Productions (Pakistan)
Super Lucky Films (Pakistan)
Shardi Sai Film (Pakistan)
Tohdar Films (Pakistan)
Chou Akmal Productions (Pakistan)
Channd Production (Pakistan)
Sultan Rahi Productions (Pakistan)
Dopetuk Tahshka Production (Pakistan)
A.K. Productions (Pakistan)
Jandarakant Enterprises (Pakistan)
Kuro Films (India)
Element Animation
Beegees Film Company (India)
Sagar Film International (India)
Paindu Productions (Pakistan)
Mukhra Films (Pakistan)
Dekho Release (Pakistan)
Autumn Pictures (India)
Esquire Video
Video X (North Korea)

That's alot of Pakistan @~@


  • January 10, 2021: 10 Edits
  • August 11, 2021: 100 Edits
  • January 6, 2022: 1 year on the wiki
  • April 9, 2022: 1000 Edits

Random Facts

  1. I just casually browse through the entire recent tab, that's why I have a crappy ton of edits.
  2. I like pizza. (I mean, who doesn't?)
  3. Yes, I do touch grass.
  4. I know how to translate Pakistani logos, and it's not easy.
  5. I was born in Saudi Arabia but I retained my Filipino citizenship. Hence, we moved to the Philippines not so long after.
  6. I'm a rhythm gamer.
  7. The actual pronunciation of Tabit is Tei-bit, because my name is based on a star from space. You can also pronounce it as Ta-bit for less confusion :v
  8. I have a discord account, but I don't use discord often.
  9. I'm broke


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