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Welcome to the LogoFun13-YT CLG Wiki user page! LogoFun13-YT is basically LogoFun13 from YouTube, but there is much more to know! Read on to find out more information about this user!

Basic Info

Joined Miraheze On: Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

Joined the CLG Wiki (Miraheze) on: Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

Most Notable Contribution: Fox Lab, Transferring photos and videos from Old CLG Wiki

Favorite Movie Studio: 20th Century Fox

Wiki Contributions: 100

Favorite Wiki: The CLG Wiki, what else?

What Am I Working On: Transferring Content.

What are my cursors that I use? Click here!

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I also work on the Company Bumpers Wiki.


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The Join Story

This section tells the story of how LogoFun13 joined the CLG Wiki.

The Homepage Notice

LogoFun13 is a YouTuber who loves logos and the CLG Wiki. When I visited the old CLG website, a notice saying that the CLG Wiki has been moved to Miraheze[1] was at the home page. I clicked on the link and it took him to the New CLG Wiki website (this site) where some content was not there yet. I knew that I wanted to help, so that is why I joined Miraheze: To help the CLG Wiki.

LogoFun13, CLG Wiki Helper

The first page that I wanted to help out was Fox Lab. The page already had the text, but the photos and videos did not transfer. Using the Old CLG Wiki site as a reference, I downloaded the pictures and put them on the wiki. I put the first photo in, and that is when I ran into trouble.

Video Embedding Issues

I was a new one to Miraheze, so I was confused about how to add YouTube videos to the Wiki. I tried the Help Guide, but results were blank. I tried checking the Editor Help, but alas, I did not find the assistance I needed to have in order to complete the page. I knew that I had hit a dead end, until one page's source code solved the problem.

The Source of Embedding YouTube

I made up my mind to save what I have added and looked for another page to work on. I visited the 20th Century Studios page and wanted to help get the rest of the images in when I saw a YouTube video embedded. I had to find out what was making it possible, so I viewed the source code for the page. I knew I had to find out what was going on. And sure enough, I found the code that allows you to embed YouTube Videos.

The Lifesaver HTML Tag

I found out that a special HTML tag made embedding YouTube videos possible. That tag was the YouTube tag. Turns out, the tag allows you to change the width and height of the video player. Inside the tag was the YouTube Video ID. This tag is what made the Embedded YouTube Videos possible.

Completing the Page

With the YouTube tag, I could be able to complete the page. I went back to the Fox Lab page and used the tag to get the videos added. Of course, I had to get the video URL, and then remove all but the video ID. When I previewed the page, the video appeared! My mind was blown. I decided to finish work on the page.

The Finishing Touches

After I edited the page to include the photos and videos, I went back to the Television section, only to notice that the link was not there. I still had a bit left to do to finish the transfer. I added the link to the Television section, and now I, LogoFun13-YT, am going to help out in the transferring from one wiki to another.

Social Media

You can find LogoFun13 on other social media platforms. The best place to find them is by visiting the LogoFun13 Links site on That place will allow you to find most of my Social Media sites.

LogoFun13 YouTube Logo History

What follows here is a logo history for my YouTube channel. The logos seen here can be found on my YouTube Videos.

Disclaimer: The logo history content should not be removed, as this is a "About User" page.

Videos and Images for this can be viewed on the LogoFun13 Videos Wiki.

1st Logo (January 22nd, 2017 - October 2nd, 2018)

Nickname: The LogoFun13 V

Logo: On a black background, we a Village Roadshow Pictures print logo without the text. The text, "LogoFun13 Productions" in a Special Elite font in blue appears under the logo. Under that, a byline reading "A Division Of LogoFun13 Corp." in the same font in white.

Variant: The text "Distributed by" can appear, positioned near the top of the logo.

FX/SFX: None or fading in and out transitions.

Music/Sounds: None.

Music/Sounds Variant: On the Channel Introduction video, the YouTube Video music is heard throughout the logo.

Availability: Only seen on the Channel Introduction video. The logo itself was used during the YouTube Video Editor days.

2nd Logo (October 2nd, 2018 - September 8th, 2019)

Nicknames: WeVideo LogoFun13, The 13M Shield

Logo: We transition in with moving color bars to a new LogoFun13 logo, complete with the 13M Shield and full channel name. The text "LogoFun13 The Koopa Troopa Thingy Productions" is in the "Press Start 2P" font in blue. The background for the logo is a gradient of blue. Underneath this is a copyright notice: "© 2017-present LogoFun13 The Koopa Troopa Thingy Productions. All rights reserved. All copyrights allowed. LogoFun13 The Koopa Troopa Thingy Productions and the LogoFun13 13M shield are trademarked by the LogoFun13 Corp." After a fanfare plays, the logo transitions out.

Trivia: This logo was designed in Sketchpad.


  • On the video titled "Randomness, Inc", after the fanfare plays, the logo does not transition out. Instead, Microsoft Sam says, "Enjoy the soy sauce.", pronouncing the phrase wrong. The logo then cuts to color bars.
  • The closing version for "Randomness, Inc" leaves the first transition out. After the logo transitions out, the video cuts to some more footage with a Windows XP error sound effect.
  • On the video titled "Screen Record", the transitions are omitted. This was before LogoFun13 discovered the WeVideo transitions.
  • On LogoFun13's 700 Subscriber Special, a different transition is used for the closing logo. After the fanfare has finished playing, the logo stays on screen for a few seconds, before cutting to color bars.

FX/SFX: Transitions, done with WeVideo.

Music/Sounds: The shortened version of the 1981 20th Century Fox fanfare. The audio quality for that is bad.

Music/Sounds Variant: For the closing version of the logo, the 20th Television logo fanfare plays.

Availability: Seen on several videos from LogoFun13.

3rd Logo (September 8th, 2019 - 2021)

Nicknames: WeVideo LogoFun13 II, The 13M Shield II, Video Montage

Logo: We open with a new background with blue and light blue colors. The PlayStation 2 Extended Startup fades in with other items fading in and out including a screen recorded video, the 3rd logo from Columbia Pictures Television, the Nintendo GameCube Startup, color bars, a PlayStation 2 BIOS Corruption and the 4th logo from Cannon Films. As the fanfare almost ends, the PlayStation 2 Extended Startup fades out, and then the intro part from the 2nd logo appears. After the fanfare ends, the logo fades out.

Trivia: The PlayStation 2 Extended Startup, the Cannon Films logo, the Nintendo GameCube startup, the PlayStation 2 BIOS Corruption and the Columbia Pictures Television logos were chroma keyed, removing their black spots. Also, the background in the beginning is made with Sketchpad, just like the LogoFun13 logo.

Variant: The logo reappears at the end of the second episode of "Randomness, Inc", but is silent as the music used for the credits of the show plays. When the LogoFun13 logo appears, the text "This has been a original production from" appears, overlaying on top of the logo.

FX/SFX: Transitions and chroma keying, done with WeVideo.

Music/Sounds: The 1994 20th Century Fox fanfare.

Availability: Commonly seen on LogoFun13's videos.

4th Logo (2021 - present)

Nicknames: WeVideo LogoFun13 III, The 13M Shield III, Video Montage II, Zooming 13M Shield

Logo: We start with the same background and PlayStation 2 Extended Startup from the 3rd intro, but this time, there are new videos fading in and out. After all videos fade out, the blue/light blue background fades out, and the LogoFun13 logo, without the copyright details, zooms out, stopping after a while. The byline, "A LogoFun13 Corporation Company", fades in. The logo and byline fade out, leaving the PS2 startup, which fades out after a few seconds.

Clips Seen:

Trivia: Yoshi and Blue Koopa Troopa also make an appearance here!

Variant: A shortened version exists.

FX/SFX: Movement, transitions and chroma keying, all done by WeVideo.

Music/Sounds: The current 20th Century Fox logo fanfare in low pitch, and at the end of the fanfare, the PlayStation 2 Startup music plays.

Music/Sounds Variant: For the short version, the 20th Television logo fanfare in low pitch plays before the PS2 Startup plays.

Availability: Brand new. Has not made a debut on YouTube yet.

Notes: This is the first intro to have a fanfare mix.


Well, way to go! You have finished this page, but that is only the beginning. Explore this wiki for more fun! But before you go, have a look at this:

Overheard on Channel 4, before the network premiere of Transformers: Age of Extinction: "Michael Bay does what Michael Bay does best: by making lots of stuff blow up."


  1. Old CLG Wiki, From the original CLG Wiki on Wikifoundry at the homepage.
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