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I think there should be dark-mode friendly category icons on the main page.

Since you know Turkish...

...what is the announcer transcript and its translation here? --DisneyInternationalFan (talk) 03:28, 1 September 2020 (UTC)


Bu DVD, Disney'in gelişmiş FastPlay özelliğine sahiptir. Film ve bonus oynatım özellikleri otomatik olarak başlayacaktır. FastPlay'i geçmek istiyorsanız "Ana Menü" tuşuna basınız. FastPlay birazdan başlayacak.


This DVD is equipped with the advanced FastPlay feature. The film and bonus features will automatically play. Press the "Main Menu" button to skip FastPlay. FastPlay will begin shortly.

By the way can you tell me the translator's address? He should've never touched English with a 10-foot pole ffs

No, I don't. What do you mean with the last sentence? Otherwise, thank you! --DisneyInternationalFan (talk) 10:04, 1 September 2020 (UTC)

The translator for disney's fastplay turkish announcer just did a botched job of translating the thing. But then again, these translations are common across all movies and home entertainment.

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