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Nicknames: "Cheap Spiral Logo", "They've Probably Used Mario Paint", "Owner of a Lonely VIR"

Logo: In between a warning screen that is shown on a brown-ish rectangle of a black screen, a logo consisting of a spiral figure with the red text "vir" on the left of it appears. There's the blue company info below:

VIR Sp. zoo ul.Grochowska 94

04-301 Warszawa POLSKA

The info then disappears, as the logo starts to spin and flip at a very low frame rate. The logo then moves back then gets closer again, spinning. Once the logo stops moving, each letter starts flashing in different colors, before returning to red again.

FX/SFX: The logo moving and flipping.

Music/Sounds: The intro of "Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Yes.

Availability: Scarce. Seen on tapes distributed by them on Poland, some of which were distributed by Cannon/VMP Video.

Editor's Note: It has been recognized as one of the cheapest Polish logos with the low frame rate, poor design, simple animation, and stolen music, making it look more like a slideshow.

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