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Vision Home Entertainment (also known as Vision Interprima Pictures) is one of the largest international home video distributors in Southeast Asia, founded in 1994. The company distributed films from TimeWarner (WB, New Line Cinema (from 2009), etc.) until 2012, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (until Fox acquired the home video distribution rights of its library in 2000), Buena Vista (now Walt Disney Motion Pictures), and Universal Pictures on home video releases. Starting from 2016, Vision distributes materials from Fox/MGM. Beginning in September 1st, 2016, the company would merge with music distributor company PT. E-Motion Entertainment. Vision didn't use any logo until 1998 on WB and MGM releases.


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Logo: We see a mountain island. The camera moves to the north while a light (more like a lens flare) moves around. After some seconds, we see the Vision Home Entertainment logo (without the "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" text and I dots) zooming out. The tiny scribbles above the I's appear (one orange, one green), and when the mountains below are out of sight the "HOME ENTERTAINMENT" text fades in. The red words "Quality Entertainment for Your Home" fade in below the logo. The background turns black and the red text glows.

Variant: On releases from PT. Vicidi Prima Indonesia (a merger between this and Cinekom), the logo is shortened (starts with the dings), preceded by a yellow text saying the latter company's name, over a black background.

FX/SFX: The camera and light moving, the logo zooming out, the scribbles appearing, the texts fading in, the background turning black, and the text glowing.

Music/Sounds: A synth drone accompanied by jet-like sounds, followed by two dings when the dots appear.

Availability: Currently in use. Can be seen through VCD (and possibly DVD) releases from movies commonly by Warner Bros (pre-2012), MGM (not the ones under the Fox license) and Universal (post-2006 releases). It is extremely hard to find this logo on Buena Vista/Walt Disney releases; however, it appeared on a 1999 VCD of Another Stakeout. The newest Fox/MGM releases from 2016 don't have the logo at all. The shortened version (with the Cinekom logo) can be found on releases by Vicidi Prima such as Get Carter (the 2000 remake) and The Big Slice.

Editor's Note: This is a cool-looking logo.

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