Vismaad (India)

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Logo: In space with blue stars and a golden nebula, a central star shines brighter and explodes, changing the background to the zooming starfield. A myriad of stars flies in from behind and forms the red logo, which is "Vismaad" in the fancy font with the thin bar above every letters, shines with the fiery colors from the left to the right, changing the color of the logo to blue, except for "i", which always remains red, and shines again, but in the opposite direction. The word "presents" appears in the flash. The finished product may look like this: Vismaad presents And the finished products fades out, leaving only the zooming starfield, which transitions to the opening title.

FX/SFX: The star exploding, the stars flying, the logo being formed and the word "present" fading in. However, the explosion and flashes look almost primitive.

Music/Sounds: A religous space theme (actually the N-Space logo theme), which repeats a couple of times, before transitioning to the opening theme.

Availability: Despite being a custom logo, it only appears in Sahibzadey: A Saga of Valor and Sacrifice.

Editor's Note: The intense amounts of explosive matter involved in the logo might get some.

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