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For the US and other International counterparts of this page, see Walt Disney Television, Buena Vista Television, Buena Vista International Television, and Buena Vista Productions.


Walt Disney Productions UK (Formerly Buena Vista Productions UK) was a division of Buena Vista Productions and Walt Disney Television International that produced various in-house Disney programs in the country.

1st Logo (1993-2003)

Nicknames: "(Classic) Disney Castle", "Abstract Castle", "Blue BG & Rainbow Castle", "Multicolored Kingdom", "Disney Castle", "Rainbow Disney Castle"

Logo: Same as the regular Buena Vista Productions logo from this time period. This time, the castle and text zoom out to about halfway up the screen, with additional copyright text appearing below.

Later Variant: The division was renamed to Walt Disney Productions UK in 2001, and so the "Walt Disney" font replaces "Buena Vista" in the logo, and the "Productions" part is made smaller.

FX/SFX: Same as the 1985 Walt Disney Television logo.

Music/Sounds: The same ascending pings as the regular Walt Disney Television logo.

Availability: Extinct. It appears at the end of various Disney-produced programming blocks that aired on ITV's GMTV strand - Saturday Disney (After 1993), The Disney Club, Wake Up in the Wild Room and Diggit.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo (2003-2005)

Walt Disney Productions UK (2004).png

Nicknames: "(Classic) Disney Castle II", "Abstract Castle II", "Orange Disney Castle", "The Diggin' It Castle"

Logo: On a light blue background with moving lights, we see the usual Disney abstract castle completely in orange. The Walt Disney font is below the castle, with "productions" in a futuristic font, and "FOR GMTV" below to that, in the same font. Copyright info is below the logo, also in the same font.

FX/SFX: Just the light moving.

Music/Sounds: A sparkle sound, followed by a swoosh.

Availability: Only appeared on Diggin' It, the rebranding of Diggit.

Editor's Note: None.

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