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WarnerVision Entertainment was a special interest/general video distributor owned by Warner Music Group, originally formed as A-Vision Entertainment. The company went defunct in the early 2000s, likely either being folded into Warner Home Video and/or being retired by WMG.

(1994-Early 2000s)

WarnerVision Entertainment (1994).pngWarnerVision Films (1994).jpg

Nicknames: "The New Big \\'", "WarnerVision \\'", "The Good & Plentys"

Logo: On a green background with many white dots in rows moving left and right, some orange, white, and blue ellipses spin about. The white and blue ellipses fall inside the background, forming the familiar Warner \\' logo (the first \ is blue, the other two parts of the W are white) but without the circle surrounding it, and the last part flipped to form a "V", while the orange ellipses move away. As this happens, the letters "ER" in Century font appear and fade out rapidly, then the word "WARNERVISION", also in Century font, appears and fades out multiple times until the orange ellipses move away. The word "ENTERTAINMENT" (or "FILMS"), small and in Helvetica, fades in below.

Variant: At the beginning of The Granny and Gumby: The Movie, among possible others, a still, silent version was seen, in which we saw the \\' surrounded by lines, and "WarnerVision Films" was seen underneath it, in an odd font.

FX/SFX: Very impressive animation for 1994.

Music/Sounds: This logo has two main themes, used generally concurrently with each other:

  • Version 1 has a deep synth note held throughout and a twinkling sound at the start, followed by a cymbal crash.
  • Version 2 is a progressive theme opening with an ascending section of guitars, synths and drums, ending in an echoing riff.

Availability: Uncommon. It appears at the end of many children's videos released by their subsidiaries KidVision (later moved to WHV) and A-Vision, such as pre-2000s copies of The Magic School Bus, The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley, and early seasons of Power Rangers (such as the Mighty Morphin series). Also seen on other miscellaneous videos. It can also be seen at the start of Kathy Smith: Functionally Fit - Peak Fat Burning, a BodyVision release, and at least one Magic School Bus tape.

Editor's Note: Not bad animation at all, including the usage of the modified Big \\' logo. For 1994, this logo has a quite modern design to it.

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