Zespół Realizatorów Filmowych Rytm (Poland)

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Logo: On a black background, a slightly angled light grey line draws in from the right side of the screen. As it curves and expands in size, "ZESPÓŁ" appears above and another line, in white, draws in at a higher plane and angled downwards. The white line then curves over, but in a shorter arc, and the grey line ends at a arrow, with "REALIZATORÓW" appearing above. A straight white line then draws in above the other 2 and then curves into 1 final arrow, overlapping the other 2, as "FILMWYCH" appears above it. Concentric white circles then appear in the bottom right corner and a line of arrows, pointing downward, draw in towards the center. As they reach the center, they start to repeat and the circles then animate like radiowaves, with "RYTM" appearing over them. Another line of arrows, this time going and pointing to the left, then wipe in and cause "PRZEDSTAWIA" to appear in a vertical format. The arrows and waves continue to slide about before the arrows turn transparent. They fade out, followed by the text, arrows, and circles.

FX/SFX: 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: Three whooshes when the arrows form, then a multitude of UFO-like noises (a la Wild Horse Productions) after that.

Availability: Can be seen on Głos z tamtego świata.

Editor's Note: None.

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